Chargé de recherche INRAE en Agronomie ; Directeur unité adjoint

Keywords and actions

  • Crop modelling, process-based models, simulation
    • Design models to represent functional basis of sunflower crop performance
    • In-silico cultivar assessment to improve cultivar choice on a target population of environments
    • Simulation-based optimisation methods to design virtual cultivars
  • Phenotypic plasticity, genotype x environment interactions, ecophysiology
    • Research trials in field and controlled conditions (phenotyping platforms)


After an academic training in biochemistry and plant molecular biology (2004), my PhD thesis project (2008) allowed me to work at a new organizational level by designing a process-based model to assess the performance of sunflower cultivars in agronomic conditions. This model was then operated on applied questions during a one year work contract with a technical institute (2009). Two year in a postdoctoral position allowed to extend my skills in coding and modelling applied to plant epidemiology (2011).

Since my research scientist position in INRA in 2011, I am pursuing my previous research topics to measure, analyze and model phenotypic plasticity for agronomical traits (yield, quality, tolerance) for the sunflower crop. My new research topic focus toward computational experiments to identify combinations of plant functional traits and management options that improve crop performance and stability in given production situations. Such simulation-based design approaches contribute to understand genotype-environment interactions, targeting both a better management of actual genetic material (cultivar choice) and a model-assisted breeding of new material (ideotyping).

At long-term I am interested to investigate whether plant breeding can leverage the knowledge embedded in dynamic crop models to deal with climate variability and global changes. This objective requires iterative development crop models and design methods (my main scientific topic) and their application to the considered cropping system.


Tel : +33 (0)
Courriel : pierre.casadebaig (at) inrae.fr 

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